About Me

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Welcome to The Brookeeper!

With a love for everything health and wellness, I created The Brookeeper in hopes of inspiring others to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles. I thrive on living a balanced life and wish for others to feel the same!

Like a true Southern California girl, I love spending time outdoors. Whether at the beach, on the hiking trails or on the snowy slopes, I take advantage of the fresh air as much as possible, especially with my two dogs, Molly and Rusty! From time to time, I love to explore the art of baking, and I enjoy a good concert whenever possible.

I studied Psychology and Social Behavior in university, and am continuously conducting nutritional science and fitness research. I am by no means a health professional, but my true passion lies in spreading nutritional knowledge and ways to live a wholesome life. As a vegan, I support a plant-based diet and am dedicated to bettering the Earth and all of it’s natural beauty.

Take a look around and thank you for visiting The Brookeeper!

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